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Dell UPS
Dell UPS
Dell UPS
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APC TradeOffTM  Tools Bring Informed Decisions to Data Center Design

APC TradeOff Tools

The decisions that go into designing a flexible, efficient data center can be daunting. What impact does a given decision have on energy efficiency? What kind of energy savings could be expected from server virtualization? APC's TradeOff Tools calculators use your configuration and data center design plans to interactively show the potential implications of various deployment decisions.

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Protect your data and your systems with Dell UPS

Liebertb Partner Solution

Dell UPSs are an especially strong choice for protecting IT equipment. These are the only UPSs designed to harmonize with Dell equipment, integrate with Dell Management Console and use familiar Dell interfaces for monitoring and administration. With Dell UPSs, you can have a single source for IT equipment and the UPSs to protect it-plus the backing of Dell's three-year warranty which includes batteries.

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